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The Head that Wears the Crown


Bernard Hewson can currently be seen as the mad king Cronos in New Moon Playhouse's The Creator Finds the Song. Hewson has been almost ubiquitous on stages across the country over the past year, playing kings and paupers alike. Known for his sonorous voice and steely gaze, Hewson imbues his monarchs with equal parts rage and fear, commanding intimate stages and wide-open outdoor venues alike. 

While it seems clear Hewson is bound to dominate stages (or screens) for years to come, a few weeks ago things seemed to be going a very different way for Mr. Hewson. Amidst accusations of sexual harassment and assault, he was removed from the show, and it seemed as though his understudy J. Henry McSwain would permanently replace him as a long protracted scandal appeared to unfold. However, things have once again taken a turn. Assault charges were dropped, and Mr. Hewson will return to the production. 

The accuser wishes to remain anonymous and no details of the case have been made public. You can see Bernard Hewson as Cronos again starting on Tuesday night at 8:00 PM.

--T. Hooper, September 15, 2006


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